We all make our sanity checks and don't go weird. But we're a little stunned (mostly those characters whose people aren't here). Bark and Jose are discomfited strongly, and turn their backs on the racks of heads, fixedly looking towards the curtain. Jose warns us that the magical/magic-using being that he's been sensing here is now about 10-15 yards ahead of us, through the curtain. MM says to MK, likely that's your demon. Jose says it's also the GM, Mario Malusalbus. Crystals of Power, ravena remembers they were called by the dwarves who made them. MM couldn't quite recall. MM asks Jose if the creature is moving: no. She walks up to the index and says crystal of power. It says rack 6 head 5. PP and R take her to the head. How do you destroy it? It looks at here and says nothing. How deatroyt the C of P? "It cannot be destroyed" How do we safely dispose the C of P? no answer How do we reove the C of P from this world? "Return it to the void" how do we reach the void? no answer. we go to the index and aks for the Void. more specific og great master travelling to the void rack 1 head 2 How do I reach the void and return to this world? "you must find or open a portal to the void. I don't know if it is possible to return from the void, I know of no human who has returned from teh void." how get past guardian of the void? no answer IX; Guardian of the void no info on such a thing oh great mster. back to r1h2. how can a group of people reach the protal to the void that's in the sky? it depends on the how they're flying. q&a the best way to fly is the one that works. how can we fly to the void by non-magical means? the head stares silently. IX: non-magical flying r3h1 give me 3 methods of non-magical flying. stares silently how cn yy fly with no magic and no wings? the false followers of Tzeentch may detroy the C of P with the leather hawk of the east egg. where is it? just stares. IX: PP asks the IX for the LHof the EE. Same head that didn't want to asnwer. what is it? just stares. how can we find it? just stares. is it here? no answer does it exist? no answer PP asks if the head's under compulsion not to answer our qs about the LHotEE? No. Will you answer the right q? I can answer qs about anything I know. WHat do you knwo about it? one reference. repeats The answer. WHere does yoru reference coe from? part of a larger proph about the Co of P where is the rest of the Proph? no answer IX: back to head what is the prophecy? "it is said that the False followers of Tzeentch may enter the fire that chaos orcs guard and take back the human temple lost, may enter the the human temple of knowledge built by a blue dwarf, may enter the chaos dwarven temple, may enter the dwarven burial mountain, may ride the leather hawk of the east egg, may return the seed of Tzeentch to the void, may end the storm that destroys the Empire." where is the east egg? silence. IX: east egg. Same head. While we talk with heads, bark looks through the box that's up here. broken glass, alchemical tools, book, tarnished bronze disk (flat uncarved thin hand sized could be a mirror but for the tarnish). He polishes the disk, having nothing else to do. It begins to shine and then rippled, like watter in the moonlight. THen an image of the moon (the bad moon) appears in it. He nudges jose, which breaks his concentration. Jose looks at it, and it is magical and the phase of the image matches the phase of the real moon, as if you're really looking at it. Jose looks in box, see mgaical book. It's a thin book. The mirror would be useful to a being that spent its life underground but needed to know the hase for magical purposes. He announces what he found. MM wonders if something in the books tells how to summon the leather hawk of the east egg. Jose asks, and MM tels him the prophecy. Dragons are magical, chaos creatures. He putters around looking at magic. Jose opens the book and looks at the spell(s) it contains. zone of life, control undead, create memorizing head. MM goes to IX head and says dragon. more specific. eastern dragon? r1h1 where can find a e dragon? found in the east. how far is the nearest one? silence. MK abd MM think it's probably a mechanical thing, but still have no way to figure it out. The library simply doesn't seem to know. IX: mechanical flying no info on mechanical flying. At a loss, we leave back through the tunnel and the rope ladder. We discuss destroying the library. MM and MK are against it. Surprisingly, Jose is for it, but doesn't press the issue. He leaves, with a chaos warrior ahead of him, just in case. The rock is all we need now. Hose thinks we should go get it physically nexxt. We hear a lot of people screaming, from caves. Jse rushes to the front of the cave while the rest of us make our way down and then towards the from t of the temple. Peytra is still there, as before, concsious but not really responsive. Jose sees the net is gone. He looks out and sees flames from the cave we used to live in. Oil smoke flames. Jose looks up, carefully. He sees someoe heaving a large crock of oil on the end of a rope over the side and aiming it into caves. THey aim at the cave with the rock next, and Jose summons the rock. We believe, although we can't see them, that the Coldfire Knights followed us. Rolled eyes. MK runs back into temple and warns Peytra. He doesn't ask for someone to interpret for him, of course. We wait for the rock. The oil bomb comes close to us. M just grabs Peytra and pulls her along. R calls up an AE to carry PP and the chaos warriors across the ravine to the other side, one at a time. PP first. Peytra struggles, and MK knocks her unconcisous. He tries to fly her across, but she's too heavy. Not creshing, but they're slowly going down rather than up. He moves along the length instead, and an arrow just misses him. He continues fast, trying to find a safe place. Ashe summons a fire elemental and tells it to flame the library, the room behind the curtain, and the magic user. MK gets an arrow in the back. When the FE finsihes, it catches firey oil, protecting us and at the same time making it look liek it succeeded, aided by a little wind from R. Ashe, MM, Sun, R, and Bark remain behind until everyone else leaves safely. Everyone else leaves in their own way. Then we leave, to the other side of the cliff. Slurk, too. We all rendezvous outside the vrevice, away from danger. We find MK and Peytra also, wounded. MK FA's himself, checks Peytra, who is unconcsious. R heals him (3FP). Then she heals Peytra's knock on the head (5 FP). So down to 6/14. PP gives her 4, and it will take 8 minutes for both to recover.

Ravenna, A Monk of the Biancan Order

Part the First:
Blood and Mud

Part the Second:
Murder and Mayhem

Part the Third:
Puzzles and Crystals

Part the Fourth:
Dwarves and Rocks

Part the Fifth:
Diplomacy and Daggers

Part the Sixth:
Crystal and Chaos

Part the Seventh:
Sheer Insanity

~ The End ~