Scroll 1: In Which I Gather with Barbarians and Discover a Kinsman

Interlude Second

We made our way back to Berivila, where I had been so close to the item the Druidess wanted. I suppose Fate led me to ignore the murder, so that I could meet Ash at the appropriate time. As well as Kyosuke, and these others, too. The gods' ways are opaque to us mere mortals.

Just outside Berivila, we did find a hole, which contained a box which we did not open. Ash took it, and we got back on the boat to continue in the direction of the Druidess.

We fought off pirates along the way, earning the captain's gratitude. He gave us our money back for our valour, and gave us a reference to another boat, the Myu, to continue our journey when the river forked. No birds have appeared to tell Ash that we have the wrong item, so we continue on our journey.