Scroll 1: In Which I Gather with Barbarians and Discover a Kinsman

Interlude First

Inside the darkness:

A gem, a rat, a demon.

Our souls at peril.

~ Miyara Miwa

Following our instructions into the noisome place, we found much trouble. We fought our way through rats, accumulating many painful bites. We found the gem we sought, almost too easily, and carefully placed it into the box, as directed. We were not certain the Councilor told the truth, but the precaution harmed no one.

Although the criminals that inhabited this dank place caused us no problems, as had been promised, there were others who did. Vile priests who held the leash of a demon pursued us. We defeated them, although to great costs to our health. My barbarian compatriots fight with little style and honor, but some competence. I do not know what to make of Kyosuke's fighting style. It appears clumsy, completely undignified, and he seems to aim to make his opponents laugh at him purposely. Yet, he is quite effective.

We emerged, and discovered a boat in which to make our escape. As the gem is apparently wanted by the druidess, we will forfeit our contract with Oluden Holeru, and take the gem to the druidess instead. I dislike the stain on my honor, but a holy druidess takes precedence over a mere town councilor with questionable honor himself. I will take care in the future to balance this small stain.

So, greatly wounded and tired, we clambered into the boat and shoved off into the river.