I awoke back in our hut, a few days later. Bark came out to find us when we didn't return. He care for us as best he could, building a shelter against the wind. When the others didn't come find us, he used the power of the Crystal to call air elementals to carry us all back to the hut. Peter brought me around, but he warned that my stength was only temporary. I healed myself enough to keep going, and he and I, working together, restored everyone to full health by the following morning. Miara took charge of the Zoggin Rock again.

The Crystal talks to Bark. Clearly, in words, he says. He doesn't understand why it must be destroyed; he only sees the good we could use it for. Young and naive, and deluded by the rock itself, he doesn't see that its nature is chaos and it will corrupt everything it touches.

Miara gave him one of those chilling looks that she's been aiming at Kyuskay since the Crystal gave us all visions. Her eyes promise death.

Sun left early, and returned with startling news: the armed group from Goldrim's vision was here, at Querla's. We all immediately congegrated at Querla's to see who they were. Imperial nobles is who they are. A woman knight led two other knights, a halfling, another woman, and a prisoner kept in chains. Like recognized like, and the halfling came over to chat with José. From him we learned they're Cold Fire Knights, and a chill went through me. They're supposed to hunt down instruments of chaos and destroy them, but they've been known to take them back home instead, for the Empire's use. No use betting what they would do here, especially with no obvious way to destroy the thing.

Kyuskay caused a slight ruckus when he set fire to a bench outside and then doused it again. We've got to get rid of this Crystal, and giving it to the Cold Fire Knights, even if they wouldn't kill us out of hand, is no answer.

The prisoner might give us some information, but no one is allowed to speak with him. We will have to watch our steps carefully here, and leave as soon as we can figure out where to go.

Ravenna, A Monk of the Biancan Order

Part the First:
Blood and Mud

Part the Second:
Murder and Mayhem

Part the Third:
Puzzles and Crystals

Part the Fourth:
Dwarves and Rocks

Part the Fifth:
Diplomacy and Daggers

Part the Sixth:
Crystal and Chaos

Part the Seventh:
Sheer Insanity

~ The End ~