We remained in the pit room for a while, and I healed all the wounded again. While I did so, they discussed where to go next. Prestley did his trick, and found a room that had some blue-grey crystals in it. Apparently that was close enough to Goldrim's white crystal, so that's where we had to go next. Right back into the mud, to be attacked yet again, I was sure. Why we didn't just leave, I don't know. Miara's statue, I suppose, although I didn't know why anyone else cared enough to continue. Of course Goldrim wasn't happy with the desecration of this dwarven shrine, and wanted to clean it up.

So, that's the way we went: back into the mud, down the winding corridor, to a locked door. There was some discussion at the front of the line, then Goldrim moved up there, to bash open the door, I supposed. Then all hell broke loose. Tentacles everywhere.

I didn't bother trying the sleep rune on the creature this time, since I had discovered there wasn't anything there I could affect in that way. I stood helplessly in the middle of the muddy corridor, watching people fight for the lives against the demonic tentacles.

That gave me an idea, and I tried the only other rune I had figured out: the one that bansished a demon. I could feel that it almost sort of worked. This rune wasn't the one I wanted, but I was sure there was something in the book that could. I glanced at the fighting: the only thing I could do to help was to heal, which I couldn't do just then anyway. So, I took out the book and started leafing through it, searching for the rune that would work on this creature. Not this one. Not that one. Nor this one...

Stoiko tapped me on the shoulder, and I looked up. He was holding Miara up, and it looked like that was the only reason she was standing. She was covered in mud, battered, bruised. I gave her immediate first aid, and leaned her against the wall. Glancing at the battle, I could see it wasn't going well. There was no point in wading into it, as I would be drawn underneath long before I could aid anyone. I looked back at Miara. It would take several minutes to take care of her, and it was clear the battle would be over, one way or another, long before then. It was likely I would get interrupted and have to run before I actually accomplished anything. She was fine against the wall for now, and if I could just find the right rune, perhaps everything would be over for the better. So I returned to searching the book. Not this one, either...

I ignored the shouting all around me. Then Goldrim appeared before me, also badly wounded. I gave him first aid, and then saw Stoiko leaning against the wall, also wounded. I hadn't realized he'd even gone into the battle. Then everyone started yelling about tentacles, which I realized weren't here anymore, and the crystal, and I realized the door had been opened at some point. Then Hy ran by me and rounded a corner, and screamed, and there was a splash. I turned to Stoiko and quickly gave him first aid. I had a feeling we would be running in a moment.

Ravenna, A Monk of the Biancan Order

Part the First:
Blood and Mud

Part the Second:
Murder and Mayhem

Part the Third:
Puzzles and Crystals

Part the Fourth:
Dwarves and Rocks

Part the Fifth:
Diplomacy and Daggers

Part the Sixth:
Crystal and Chaos

Part the Seventh:
Sheer Insanity

~ The End ~