Scroll 4: In Which we Find Another Zogin Rock and Fight an Army of Orcs for It

Chapter 39: My Part in the Battle Ends

Air and Fire Spirits;

Red and White, glowing brightly;

Light and Dark battle.

~ Miyara Miwa

Hosei, Ravena, Caramela, and I all met on the top of the tower, ready to ride the air spirits down to the army to find the mage to kill. My plan was for Ravena to control the air spirits, Caramela to use her fire spirits to distract the orcs and goblins in the vicinity of the mage, Hosei to use his magic to find the mage and protect us from his magic, and I would kill the mage while he was busy with Hosei.

Ravena had control of two air spirits and was trying to capture a third, but then she realized we only needed the two: she could fly with the aid of the crystal, and Caramela preferred to ride one of her own fire spirits instead. So Caramela called a fire spirit to her, and we were ready to proceed. Hosei lay down his staff, with care, and rummaged around in his pockets until he was holding a feather and some sulphur in his one hand. He murmured a prayer to his goddess, and was surrounded by an air spirit.

My sight dimmed again, and in the dark I saw only a white glow from Ravena's direction and a red glow from Caramela's. I breathed deeply and my vision returned. I spoke a quick prayer to the spirits; then everything went black and I remember nothing else.