Scroll 2: In Which we Rescue more Barbarians and I Find a Sign of the Statue

Interlude Third

My heart is heavy. I had so hoped; no, I had been certain that the White Faerie's Sight was true. Within I would find the precious dragon statue. With it, Kyosuke and I could return home. Both Isawa Godanji's and my own honor would be completely restored, and I was certain I could find a proper place for my young cousin.

But it was not fated to be. The area below cleared of pests, and having not caught sight of the alcove with its treasure, we returned upstairs. The ogres had fallen asleep. It was a simple matter to slit their throats. The ones we had rescued found the remainder of their lost items, and Caramela was quite happy to recover her Zogin Rock, whatever it may be.

We carefully searched the upper area, and even returned below, throwing an ogre down the chute to unlock the doors again. The alcove was simply not there, and never had been. I cannot blame the White Faerie. His vision is, I am certain, accurate. With my incomplete understanding of the barbarian tongue, I am afraid I jumped to an unfounded conclusion. The alcove holding the precious statue exists somewhere, but not here.

When we returned to the room with the pillar, Caramela's crystal glowed furiously, and there was answering glow from within the pillar itself. Caramela said something which I did not catch, and the White Faerie spent a few moments in a trance. Upon emerging, he immediately whacked Caramela on her head, rendering her unconscious. Someone mumbled something about Zogin Rocks. Ravena ensured that Caramela had taken no serious harm, but she did not reawaken her sister.

The White Faerie said he had seen the two rocks come together and then everything, the whole world, swirled down into a vortex. He said they two rocks should not be allowed near each other, and no one disagreed.

This rock within the pillar was obviously the "special feature" we were not to touch. The others thought it was dangerous to leave it here, so the White Faerie requested of the room's god how he might obtain it. He was given a list of instructions he must follow. I am not certain I understand about these two rocks. Those whom we rescued clearly feel it is their duty to do something with these two rocks, but what I do not know. They are conflicted, too, I believe. They clearly wish to keep the two rocks to themselves, to keep them out of the hands of others, yet they cannot procure the one within the pillar as long as one of them also holds the red rock. I also wonder if these barbarians have no tales about those with whom the gods play, and how people who believe they must keep a powerful item from evil often themselves become the evil they feared.

We decided to return to the temple of the Druidess. I am hopeful that she can properly heal Kyosuke's hands. Before we left, I placed a paper dragon atop the pillar in the octagonal room.