Things began looking grim. Ash had fallen, Hy vanished into the mud, then Miara as well. They remained under the mud for a long time, then Stoiko and Jason pulled them up and brought them over to me. They were still alive, and I took care of them, while Goldrim killed the last of the tentacles. Prestley saw the body of the monster vanish, so I think we finally killed the beast.

We all went into the side room that Prestley had found, and I healed everyone.

When I was finished, I took a look around the room. Everyone else had inspected everything, but on a table were a bunch of jars with herbs and powders, and pastes and granules. I looked through them and found some useful things. The herbs were mixed with different types of dirt, making me wonder if ogres respond somehow to dirt. Somehow I doubt I'll get the chance to discuss the matter with them.

There were also two scrolls: one that said something in dwarven and mentioned something or one called Smed. The other one had the instructions for entering the druidic temple in the forest, using the circle and the flames. Perhaps there's some connection between here and there.

Ravenna, A Monk of the Biancan Order

Part the First:
Blood and Mud

Part the Second:
Murder and Mayhem

Part the Third:
Puzzles and Crystals

Part the Fourth:
Dwarves and Rocks

Part the Fifth:
Diplomacy and Daggers

Part the Sixth:
Crystal and Chaos

Part the Seventh:
Sheer Insanity

~ The End ~