Part 12: In Which We Are Posted to the Back of Beyond

Chapter 125: Indisposed

I just got lost. Every river that I've tried to cross, and every door I ever tried was locked. Ooh-Oh, and I'm just waiting till the shine wears off.

You might be a big fish in a little pond. Doesn't mean you've won, 'cause along may come a bigger one, and you'll be lost.

~ Coldplay,

It's evening again, evening of a mostly wasted day.

I awoke this morning with one of those headaches. I could feel it building the last few days, and I imagine spending all day yesterday peering at papers pushed it over the edge. I had nothing in particular planned anyway, so simply told Sun I was spending the morning in bed.

It was a cloudy day, I learned later, but there was still more than enough light to feel like a spike was being hammered into my brain through my eye socket. Kyoko closed it out as best she could, brought me tea, and I endured for a few hours.

But it faded, as they always do, and by lunch I was myself again -- bathed, dressed, and hungry.

No appointments materialized since yesterday, and the day was already half over. I discovered over lunch that Fibi had walked around in her sleep again last night. The guards woke Meili and Toni, and they kept watch over her. She never left the house, though. She just wondered aimlessly, apparently mumbling to herself in her people's language.

Having nothing better to do, I asked Toni to spar with me, if he had no other plans. He didn't, and was pleased enough to do so. Meili posed with her bow, and I don't know what Peter and Fibi did.

After another bath, I arrived at dinner only to discover Fibi was gone. She had an appointment tonight, though she told no one where.

And so now it's evening again. The clouds cleared, and moon shadows chase each other over the snow. Fibi returned, and said little. She was at Asako Kinto's house again, and she mentioned his garden, so I suppose that's the point of convergence.

What next? I don't know. I keep waiting for a sword to sweep down and through my neck. It's past time for waiting, but I cannot for the life of me figure out the correct next step. I know what I would like to do. But not what I should do.



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